how to fix a running toilet with a ball float?

If your toilet is constantly running then it could waste 200 gallons of water every single day. Fixing the problem early can save water as well as the water bill.

The good news is that you can fix the problem and the guide will help you do it the right way.

How to Fix a Running Toilet with a Ball Float

Don’t worry!

You’re here going to learn how to stop your running toilet and find an effective solution that works. After the end of the guide, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get the stronger flush and lower water bill.

Before fixing a running toilet that constantly wastes water, it’s a good idea to understand what causes the problem.

What Causes a Running Toilet?

It may happen for different kinds of reasons like – bad ball float, toilet flapper, water level issue or damaged toilet fill valve etc

Flapper Problem:

Flapper is a round shaped rubber seal. It prevents water from draining from the tank and toilet bowl. Flapper problem is the most common reason for a running toilet.

A Bed Float Ball:

A bed float ball can cause a constant running toilet. In this situation, it can’t rise enough to activate the switch. So, you need to change the ball to fix the problem.

Adjust Water Level:

The pinch mechanism is used to adjust a float that indicates how much water tank possibly can contain. If any errors happen there, it may cause a running toilet.

Chain Length:

A chain connects a flusher to a flapper or cap. The length of the chain allows tank water to release to the bowl. If chain length can’t adjust the right height, then it can cause toilet running problems.

How to Fix a Running Toilet with a Ball Float - Step by Step:

Basic knowledge of plumbing and the right tool can help you solve the case.

What is Ball float?

The ball float is a water fill regulating machine that fills water in the tank and avoids overflow. It’s usually attached to a long rod and connected to the toilet fill valve.

How does it work?

You can find a ball float valve in your toilet tank. It’s a simple yet effective concept of water regulation. When water level reaches a certain limit, the ball float goes on the top of the container and activates the switch.

Check whether it works or not:

In a full tank, the ball will be floating on the top. It indicates that the ball is still working. On the other hand, if the ball sinks under the water of a full tank, so it’s no longer working.

Tools you need:

If you know how to do it and have the right tools in your hand then you can solve the problem.

  • Screwdriver
  • Hand Gloves &
  • New ball float.

If the ball float doesn’t work then it may create several problems including constant water flow in the toilet. In below, outline the common problem that happens for a ball float and their solutions.

Tank is full but water is flowing:

If the ball float doesn’t rise above to stop the water valve, you can fix the problem by bending the rod slightly down toward the bottom of the tank. So, open the tank top and bend the rod in a lower direction so that water can reach proper level

The ball float is the part of the ballcock which makes the pinholes and gets the water reserved. When it becomes old after a long time usage then it can’t float like a new one.

Leakage in the ball float:

You can adjust the ball to a lower level in the tank. The lifting pressure of the ball stops flowing water. However, make sure that the flapper is working the right way and don’t have any leakage in the ball.

The metal ball float may get leaked after long time usage. In this situation, water enters the float and affects them so that it can’t rise high enough to activate the water fill valve correctly.

Tank Doesn’t Fill:

It’s a common problem when the tank doesn’t fill completely. By a little effort, you can solve the problem. If the toilet tank doesn’t fill completely then bend the float rod upward to the top of the tank.

Replace the ball float:

A ball float is screwed on the end of the float rod. So, remove the ineffective ball and replace it with a new one. By changing the device, you can control water flow and ideally fix a running toilet. You need to purchase the inexpensive ball that you can find at a nearby hardware store.

In conclusion, the above guide will help you understand how to fix a running toilet with a ball float. So, what is your opinion in this regard, let me know in the comment below.

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