How to Fix a Leaking Copper Pipe without Soldering?

Copper pipe leaking is a common trouble that makes homeowners depressed. If you’re worried about water leaking then you’ve good news that you can fix it yourself. You don’t need to hire an expensive plumber to fix the issue.

So, how to fix a leaking copper pipe without soldering?

However, you can fix it simply by replacing the leaking portion. SharkBite coupling is the tool that makes the process simple.

Probably, you aren’t willing to pay a plumber. In this situation, it’s a good idea to learn how to fix leaking copper pipe. Right tools and proper knowledge enable you to do it yourself just like a DIY worker. Before going to in-depth discussion, let’s know the tool you need to fix a copper pipe.

how to fix a leaking copper pipe without soldering

Required Tools To Fix a Leaking Copper Pipe without Soldering?

As a homeowner, you must have the skill to fix minor plumbing issues like clogged drain or dripping faucet. However, if you’re confident then you can repair even a leaking pipe.

Basic knowledge of plumbing & right tools will make the process easy & convenient. To repair a leaking pipe without soldering, following tools are essential to access near your hand.

  • SharkBite Couplings
  • SharkBite Depth Tools
  • Copper Pipe Cutter
  • Tubing Cutter
  • Pex Tubing Cutter
  • Utility Knife
  • Drywall Saw.
  • Emery Cloth

How to Fix a Leaking Pipe – Step by Step

Water leaking can damage your entire water supply system. People seek expensive plumbers to fix the issue. However, you can fix it yourself too. Read till the end to know how to do it.

Find the leaking spot

What’s the first step when searching for a water pipe leakage?

To identify the exact location where pipe leaking, you need to observe water dripping from the ceiling. It will help you spot the leakage area.

You may think that it’s a complex work. But, the sponginess of the wall or ceiling will help you find the leakage. Now make a plan to fix it.

Saw a Rectangle Hole

After spotting the area, cut a rectangle hole in the drywall by a saw. It may seem difficult but you can easily do it. There is no alternative than breaking your wall. Just do it carefully.

Finding the Leakage

After ruining the drywall, inspect the area carefully to spot the leaking pipe. In this stage, you need to discover the leaking pipe or pinhole to repair. Look around to spot corrosion or any pinholes.

Shut off Water Supply

Dealing with a copper pipe leakage is a horrible experience.

So, what’s the easiest solution to repair a leaking pipe?

After spotting the leakage, now shut off the water supply to avoid sudden flooding in the home. You should be aware at every step of repairing so that unwanted chaos doesn’t happen.

Before starting to replace the leaky pipe, shut down the water supply first.

Fix a Copper Leak by SharkBite Coupling

You will be amazed that it’s easier than you think to repair a copper pipe leaking. But, you must have SharkBite in your toolbox in order to proceed with your work.

Anyone can use the tool to repair a water leaking problem. SharkBite easily slides onto the copper or PEX pipe. Now cut the leaking portion of the pipe.

Pick a New Copper Pipe

It’s a very important step to replace a faulty pipe which leaks water. Pick a copper pipe. Use a cutting tool to split the pipe. Type L is recommended because of longer Sustainability and thickness.

Mark Copper Pipe:

Use the SharkBite depth tool to measure one inch portion and mark it. You can use an emery cloth to smooth the one inch area of the copper pipe. Last, you have to install SharkBite coupling in the end of the copper pipe.

Push SharkBite

It’s the time to push the SharkBite onto the pipe. Make it sure that SharkBite adjusts at the end of the mark. You can even use PEX pipe to replace the faulty part of the copper pipe. Use a PEX tubing cutter to cut the pipe.

Complete your Task

It’s the time to finalize your effort. Now, measure the distance between the two SharkBite coupling and push a new piece of pipe to fit into them. By the way, two SharkBite couplings and a piece of pipe will help you fix a leaky water pipe without soldering.

Hire a Plumber

Sometimes, It’s really difficult to spot the area where water leaking occurs. However, it may happen any place where you can’t fix it the right way. In this situation, you can hire a plumber from Cleveland Plumbing Solution ,who can help you fix the issue.

In conclusion

Basic plumbing knowledge will save your time and money to fix any issues arising to your home. This guide will help you understand how to fix a copper pipe without soldering.

So, what’s your opinion in this regard, let me know in the comment below.